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Finale 3D – PyroMaster

Recently, work in the PyroMaster Team mainly focuses on integrating of our system with the largest and best known program in the world for pyrotechnic visualization: 3D Finale. Thanks to this combination, it will be possible to create PyroMaster controlled pyrotechnic shows not only perfectly synchronized with music, but with the simultaneous visualization of all pyrotechnic effects used. Of course, after you finish designing the show, you will be able to upload the entire script to the PyroMaster system via the PyroMaker software. Finale 3D is amazing software with huge possibilities, the PyroMaster system could not be missing there.Finale 3D is a professional tool for real-time creation of the most complex and complicated pyrotechnic shows. The Finale 3D library has over 6,000 pyrotechnic effects that greatly facilitate the work on the spectacle. It is also possible to create export movies in Full 4K quality so that the visualization of the show can be sent to e.g. your client. Finale 3D also allows you to plan the distribution of effects in bomb and single shot racks. It is also possible to generate various report configurations.The integration of our PyroMaster system with Finale 3D is definitely a great step in bringing our product closer and promoting us in Europe and in the world. We encourage you to ask specific questions.

PyroMaster Team