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Firing System

Standby Mode (Sleep & Wake up)

Scenario edit directly in local devices

Bidirectional encrypted data transmission

Channel firing time up to 2.50 seconds

Remote igniter test from Master unit

Two device connection lines (Master Line and Replicator Line)

PyroMaster system architecture

Triggering PyroMaster using 3rd party systems

PyroMaster System

The PyroMaster System consists of four device groups: Master, Slave, Sequencer and Replicator. Each of the four components is part of the system. Master is a main unit, Slave is a subordinate, then Sequencer and Replicator. One of the most important advantages of the whole system is the durability of the materials used, and their quality. All system components are enclosed in fireproof and watertight Peli cases. The devices are manufactured in Poland, based on the highest class electronic components and radio modules of the world’s leading manufacturers. The system is CE marked.