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Pyrotechnicians for Pyrotechnicians


We are pyrotechnicians. We draw our knowledge from many years of experience gained during countless pyrotechnic shows.


We are qualified experts in many professions – electronics, computer science, pyrotechnics.


We have extensive practical knowledge gained while working in other fields of our scientific and professional activity.


The inseparable feature of each PyroMaster member. The motto of the team, ‘we do not rest on our’s laurels’.


We are constantly looking for new functionalities and solutions in order to draw even greater pleasure from pyrotechnic shows.


We are at your disposal. Need support? You can count on us in any situation.

Our Mission

PyroMaster was created with a view to new solutions and additional functionality in pyrotechnics. Our priority is reliability and the highest level of control during the show. That is why we focus our efforts on finding and implementing innovation in this area. We believe that this will benefit not only our brand, but also the entire pyrotechnic industry. We rely on the experience of our team – experts in many fields – which gives us a constant source of knowledge from which we draw inspiration for further development of the system. We are there to give you the highest level of control and minimise stress so that you can simply enjoy your work.

Our History

We have been bound to pyrotechnics since we remember. Years of work at shows encouraged us to create a system tailored to our needs. We wanted to solve everything that caused us the biggest problems. Based on our experience, we developed the first solutions. With the work going on, we have developed our system. Today we have a full family of PyroMaster devices which is being developed by a qualified team. These are specialists in electronics, computer science, automation and, of course, pyrotechnicians who work with our system on daily basis. Their practical experience is an inexhaustible source that inspires us towards further development. We are sure that everything we do well is the result of many years of research and experience with the pyrotechnic system, but also the ambition to create the world’s best system for controlling pyrotechnic shows.



Founder, architect and chief designer of PyroMaster. Pyrotechnics and electronics are his passion. He invented and designed all devices and system components. Graduate of Automation and Robotics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Poznan University of Technology. He designs, programs and tests electronic devices for over 12 years. He has been creating and performing pyrotechnic shows for over 10 years. He is an owner of a legal permission required to perform and supervise work related to explosives access. In his free time he engineers new elements of the PyroMaster system.


In the PyroMaster project he is responsible for contact with international clients and also programming of embedded systems. Co-author of the system and inventor of many functions and technical solutions. He has many years of experience in creating electronic devices. Graduate of Automation and Robotics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Poznan University of Technology. After graduating, he took up a job there – teaching classes in Automation and Robotics and Computer Science, simultaneously working on his PhD. He spends his free time implementing DIY projects or watching a good film.


In PyroMaster responsible for creating high-level applications, including the whole design of the PyroMaker – software for show design. He has more than 10 years of experience in programming and he graduated from Automation and Robotics at Poznan University of Technology. He has participated in many projects, e.g. for the Polish Security Platform and Schweizerische BundesBahnen. Currently he uses various machine learning methods to analyze data in Egnyte. In his free time he plays with his daughter and builds interesting but often unnecessary things. He also learns to play piano.


Co-author of the PyroMaster pyrotechnic firing system. Creator of many features and invaluable tester of all new solutions. On daily basis he is responsible for the customer contact, marketing and sales of equipment on Polish market. He can listen to music for hours in his free time.