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Master Mini PLUS – full control over an even bigger pyro-show

With huge satisfaction we would like to inform you that a new master unit has appeared in the PyroMaster offer. We have just finished work on the Master Mini PLUS device, which is now ready for sale.

Master Mini PLUS is an extension of the previously available Master Mini, it has exactly the same form factor and keyboard. However, it has an extended functionality:

– support for up to 32 remote executive units,

– support for PyroMaster Sequencer devices (connected via wired bus to the PyroMaster Slave wireless device),

– radio bandwidth scan.

At the same time, Master Mini PLUS retains all the functionality of Master Mini, including the backlit keyboard, range test, igniter test of the executive units and much more. Thanks to the support of 32 executive devices, when using the PyroMaster Slave 240, this small, hand-held device allows you to fire a pyro-musical using 7680 independent channels.