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Slave 4 – the latest device in the PyroMaster system

After long and intensive testing, we have succeeded in creating the Slave 4. And this is no ordinary receiver in the PyroMaster system, but the smallest receiver in the world. It is only 64mm high and 68mm wide, and only 25mm thick. Despite this small size, the functionality of the Slave 4 is impressive, the unit has all the advantages of a large Slave, such as remarkable ranges of up to 1,000m., the ability to test igniters, and wake up or go to sleep. The Slave 4 also has the option of connecting an additional external power source, so that electric confetti or streamer tubes can be fired. Thanks to this extremely small size and functionality, Slave 4 is the ideal tool for use on film sets, film productions or in theatres. The Slave 4 is ideal wherever compact size, long battery life and excellent range are required.